mykonos Ball Pendant Lamp
mykonos Ball Pendant Lamp
mykonos Ball Pendant Lamp
mykonos Ball Pendant Lamp
mykonos Ball Pendant Lamp
mykonos Ball Pendant Lamp
mykonos Ball Pendant Lamp
mykonos Ball Pendant Lamp
mykonos Ball Pendant Lamp



Sale price$380 USD
Body Style:1 Head

Cut Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gregg Kohler

It's so good!

Velva Boyer

Good quality! Thanks to the lodamer for the great product and fast delivery!

Paul Little

The craftsmanship is really good. The gold color is electroplated and it looks very pretty.

Margie Pacocha

Very good

Fernando Rowe

The black texture is great, not the mirror kind, the matte texture is very beautiful. Black is a good choice. The chandelier is easy to install. After fixing it, just put on the light bulb.


Put a little sparkle in your decor with the MYKONOS BALL PENDANT LAMP. This globe pendant light exudes a turn-of-the-century industrial charm, available in both single and double-head options. Its golden L-shaped body and surface-mounted light heads add a touch of elegance to any space. The gold pendant light 's metal-like design and minimalist style perfectly complement modern and classic interiors alike. Crafted from advanced metal casting, it offers durability, security, and excellent vibration resistance. The impeccable finishing color enhances its aesthetic appeal. Whether in bedrooms, living rooms, hotels, bars, offices, hospitals, or shopping centers, the glass globe pendant light shines brightly, due to its reliable AC power source and LED bulbs. Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere within the 3-5m² lighting zone, making these unique pendant lights an ideal choice for various settings. Upgrade your space with this elegant and decorative milk glass pendant lamp, enhancing your decor with its stylish design and functional illumination. The MYKONOS PENDANT LAMP is the perfect addition to modern, minimalist, and chic interiors, providing both form and function.

  • The mykonos Pendant Lamp is perfect for bringing a turn-of-the-century industrial look to any area.
  • Metal-like design and simplistic style compliment a classic modern style.
  • An ideal choice for homes with modern, minimalist, or nice styles of decor.
  • It’s made of advanced metal casting, robust, secure, good vibration resistance and perfect finishing color.
  • Pretty design, elegant, and decorative functions, applicable to the Bedroom, Living Room, Hotel, Bar, Office, Hospital, Shopping Center, Etc.


  • Power source AC
  • Material (s) Metal
  • Number of light sources one
  • Lighting zone 3-5 m2
  • Finish iron
  • Light source LED bulbs
  • Voltage 220 V 
Shipping time may last from 2-6 weeks for delivery 

    (Just to ensure safety)