LED CANDLE LIGHT | Lamps-Lodamer
LED CANDLE LIGHT | Lamps-Lodamer
LED CANDLE LIGHT | Lamps-Lodamer
LED CANDLE LIGHT | Lamps-Lodamer
LED CANDLE LIGHT | Lamps-Lodamer
LED CANDLE LIGHT | Lamps-Lodamer
LED CANDLE LIGHT | Lamps-Lodamer
LED CANDLE LIGHT | Lamps-Lodamer



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Eleanora Schmeler

Good Design, Good Quality, Good Delivery !!

Beth Weimann

Beautiful little light

Amari Auer

It went long through Mongolia... but the lamp cost this... One package of what is worth... For a gift the most .. Packed in a cardboard box, all intact... The lamp itself looks cool, very much even like, although small .... Two modes... In the kit there is also an additional round docking station for charging, and I did not understand why. In order to use it it is necessary to remove rubber legs, I think it is not practical .... And so everything is Clas!

Stella Wolff

Good quality

Hunter Larson

This price for design also please buy the brightness also so much nicer Very sappy this dish Fast shipping Det


Illuminate your space with the LED Candle Light, a versatile lighting solution that brings charm and ambiance to any setting. This small table lamp is the perfect addition to your decor, offering a soft and romantic glow for cozy evenings or radiant brightness for practical nighttime illumination. The screen is transparent so that you can enjoy it more, and the base is durable, so you'll have a longer service life. This vintage table lamp combines elegance with durability. Its unique design adds a touch of sophistication to your interior, making it more than just a lighting fixture; it's a decorative statement. What sets the LED Candle Light apart is its adjustable LED brightness, allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your mood and needs. Whether you're hosting a gathering or enjoying a quiet night in, this unique table lamp adapts effortlessly to create the perfect atmosphere. Enhance your living spaces with the charm and versatility of LED Candle Light. Its blend of style and functionality adds a touch of elegance to any room, giving it a beautiful and practical addition to your interior lighting. Light up your space with this exquisite glass table lamp and set the mood for memorable moments.

  • This LED Candle light can lighten up any situation whether it’s a lively house party or a relaxing girls' night in.
  • It offers a romantic and soft glow for ambiance or a radiant shine at night, and it can brighten any atmosphere.
  • The screen is made of transparent material which feels enjoyable and the bottom is made of durable material to extend the service life.
  • This Candlelight is equipped with adjustable LED brightness, so you can set it to whatever suits your mood.


  • Product size: 172 × 83x66mm
  • Product Weight: 268g
  • Brightness adjustment: 1% -100%
  • Battery capacity: 2200mAh 
  • Product power: 1W

Shipping time may last from 2-6 weeks for delivery 

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